Jessica Rareshide, CPC, CSP,  is an established entrepreneur who assists businesses and entrepreneurial professionals in areas of human capital management consulting, speaking, and profitability marketing.  Since 1999, her consultancy has successfully influenced business owners and professionals alike with revenue producing ideas and the ability to re-think perspectives. Utilizing her background as a recruiter and possessing two staffing credentials, CPC, Certified Personnel Consultant, and CSP, Certified Staffing Professional, she has counseled business owners on hiring issues related to job fit.  Her career coaching has assisted others in how to conduct a results based job search, resume review consulting, and how to apply the concept of “Corporation of One™ for career success whether as an employee or an entrepreneur.  Based on clients’ accolades she has developed a business reputation as “The Ideas Person.”  Her professional career experience encompasses four distinct areas of business: marketing, health/welfare benefits, technology management, and sales.


Employment Today Has Changed

Whether you are an employee, an unemployed worker, an under-employed worker, an entrepreneur, or former employee who wants to transition to another job or career, shift your thinking. Take control of your choice of career, advancement, or the job search process. Identify your own behaviors to better understand what careers you naturally fit. Target companies where you want to work is part of the decision process when you become the CORPORATION OF ONE™. Learn how to drive your job search process using a systematic approach to accomplish your goal.


Career coaching can help you:


  1. Use the concept of becoming the Corporation of One™ to your advantage.
  2. What is job fit? How does it relate to your career success and happiness in a job?
  3. First “How To” steps in the job search process don’t include writing a resume.
  4. How to find networking opportunities that are free in your community.
  5. Quick tips for finding work when you are unemployed and need a job NOW!


Client Recommendations:


“Jessica’s fresh perspective on business allows her to think ‘out of the box’, but she nails the issues dead-on.”

Shelley Elliott, Principal - Aegis Limited Marketing LLC


“You possess tremendous insight and vision combined with a natural ability to effectively interact with employees to resolve situations and promote productive activity.”

Bruce King
Professional Development Resources


“Jessica is a font of knowledge. Any time with her is time well spent.”

Kathleen Wilkin
Safeguard Printing & Promotional Products


“I never considered the possibility of blending my creative interest with my own business savvy into one fulfilling career until I talked things over lunch with Jessica. She truly is an “Ideas Person.”

Ron Kissiah



“Your idea of a medical coding curriculum has generated $1.2M+ in revenue and helped many individuals transition to another career after the massive lay-offs we experienced during the oil bust.”

Jane Garvin